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React Native Components

React Native comes with an own set of components. There are Core Components which are provided by React Native, such as:

  • View: A wrapper that is needed when the presentation contains of multiple components, just like a div in HTML
  • Text: Like a span in HTML
  • TextInput: Like an input type="text" in HTML
  • Image: Like an img in HTML
  • Button: Just a button
  • TouchableOpacity: Like a button, but with custom presentation
  • ...

Essentially, depending on your target platform each of these components get "translated" during the build phase, e.g. Text -> TextView for Android.

But there are also Community Components, developed by other Devs, and you can write your own components.

I would advice to first check out some of the most popular Component Libraries as this can save you a lot of time and make your UI look consistent. Check out: