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Getting Started


Presently React is the most popular JavaScript library for building Web frontends (see [1]). It was developed and open-sourced by Facebook in 2013. Since 2017 React (v 16.0.0) was published under the MIT license.

React is the V in MVC and strictly uses uni-directional data-flow, as opposed to bi-directional data-flow (Angular). It does not enforce a strict separation of logic, presentation and styling, as we know it from Angular, but actually encourages one to mix it. So in your React Component you can have a mix of JavaScript/TypeScript, JSX and CSS-in-JS. This was initially a bit strange for me, as I originally come from an Angular world, but I must say that with this approach you can write code very efficiently.

I primarily use React with TypeScript, as I am a big fan of typed languages. I believe it takes a lot of headache away, especially when developing in teams of several web developers. Therefore, if I post some React code, it will be in TypeScript code.

Getting Started

Use create-react-app aka CRA to create a project. To create a project with TypeScript run: npx create-react-app my-app --template typescript.

Some libs worth diving in:


  1. npm trends